After decades of imprisonment for a crime they did not commit, Dan and Fram Keller were released from a Texas prison. They will be compensated a total of $3.6 million dollars, at a rate of $80,000.00 a year of imprisonment each, for having been falsely accused and incarcerated for heinous crimes they did not commit. 

In 2013, a Judge found that the couple did not receive a fair trial, remanding the case to the trial court. Now, the Travis County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed the charges based on lack of “credible evidence.” 

Such is a lesson that one can not give up on their innocence. There are many appellate channels that can be utilized in order to achieve freedom, and The Law Offices of Courtney Miller, PLLC are here to help. 

 Original story:

Dan and Fran Keller compensated $3.6M for time served

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